Smart Technology Drives Performance and Reporting in New Cordless Rivet Tool

High-performance BR12PP-8 Smart Rivet Tool from STANLEY Assembly Technologies allows manufacturers to reduce scrap, optimize the assembly area, and provide real-time process data.

The high-performance BR12PP-8 Smart Rivet Tool from STANLEY® Assembly Technologies, the global leader in precision fastening, allows manufacturers to reduce scrap, optimize the assembly area, and provide real-time process data to the existing plant manufacturing execution system by recording the stem break load and rivet pull distance.

“The product launch of the BR12PP-8, STANLEY Assembly Technologies is the latest development in partnership with the STANLEY® Engineered Fastening to offer the best in smart, cordless, programmable rivet setting technology,” said Deanna Postlethwaite, director of global product management at STANLEY Assembly Technologies.

The BR12PP-8 Smart Rivet Tool offers benefits including:

  • Digitally adjustable force and distance acceptance values
  • Use 1 tool for many rivets and applications for reduced cost of ownership and increased error detection
  • Detects errors in the process, preventing customer returns and recalls
  • Optional integrated force switch
  • Programmable multi-function button provides a simple, flexible way to complete many different tasks with a single button
  • Durable brushless DC servo motor engineered for the high production environment

This programmable, smart-rivet reporting system offers built-in, smart electronics that allow the tool to operate without a STANLEY Assembly Technologies QBE-Series Controller. This saves on setup time and cost. For customers requiring a QBE-Series Controller to connect to an error-proofing system, plant networks, and other advanced features, the BR12PP-8’s built-in WiFi provides the capability to add to a QBE-Series Controller for expanded convenience.

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