Air Automation Engineering is now the Upper Midwest Distributor for Precise Automation!

Introducing the world’s safest/fastest Scara Robot: The PF3400 is the world’s first collaborative four-axis SCARA robot. Its inherently safe design allows the PF3400 to achieve speeds and accelerations much faster than any other collaborative robot while still limiting forces to ISO collaborative robot standards, making the PF3400 the world’s fastest/safest robot. There are over 1,000 units of the PreciseFlex Industrial Collaborative family of robots currently operating safely in a variety of workcells all over the world without shielding. These applications include life science/laboratory automation, small parts handling and consumer electronics testing. In addition to the robot satisfying ISO standards, these cells have been evaluated by both internal end-user and OEM safety groups and have been judged to be safe to use without shielding.

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