Visumatic Industrial Products designs and builds the best specialty automated screw feeding and driving equipment on the market. Visumatic systems are engineered for your parts and your business, built and tested in house. We deliver longer life cycles, extreme durability, pinpoint accuracy and the strongest guarantee in the business.

Our mission, from the beginning, has been to produce machines which inspire creativity and innovation, yet are made to provide you with the reliability and durability that you deserve. In a time when most manufacturers are designing products with planned obsolescence in mind, we have not changed our directive.

ASG, division of jergens, inc. will present our x-paq system, monitor torque and angle, 32 tasks and 8 parameters. programming of tightening to different torques, i / o programming and data collection and graphics. we will also present positioning system of up to 500 assembly sequences, capacity to support 3 encoders in different styles of reaction arms. secure sequence with 7 lcd hmi touch screen display through photos and cad drawings.

On-Site Recommendations

With a combined knowledge from 75 years of experience, our sales engineering team can evaluate your needs and make the right recommendation for your next project.