Epson is now hosting “Lunch with a Robot”

Epson will buy you lunch and show you how easy Epson Robots are to use.

At EPSON Robots, we’ve made thousands of customers and integrators successful by delivering True PC Controllers that are Open, Easy, Powerful, and software from point-and-click applications to advanced code tools that are Intuitive by Design.

Forgive us for making it sound easy, but it really is. And we will gladly show you, in person, with a hands on session with production hardware. We’ll come to your plant, buy lunch and in just 2 hours show your technical team how easy it is to install and program EPSON robots and controllers. We call it “Lunch With a Robot”, and there’s no more efficient way to get your team current on the best product line in the industry.

To learn more or to setup a “Lunch with a Robot” session at your facility, fill out the following registration form, and one of our experienced sales managers will contact you to discuss your applications and any special topics you want covered, and confirm the schedule and logistics. Or you can call us at (562) 290-5910 and we’ll be happy to set things up over the phone.

Please don’t delay – there are a limited number of “Lunch with a Robot” slots available each week, and we’re filling them quickly.

Important Note: EPSON Robots is currently only offering Lunch with a Robot sessions in the US and Canada. If your company is located outside of the these areas please contact your local EPSON distributor for details on how you can learn more about EPSON Robots.

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