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One of the many robots we sell is the Epson SCARA Robot. CLICK HERE to view all of the robots we sell.  Epson has their SCARA Robots in a G-Series, RS-Series, and a LS-Series.

Epson SCARA Robots G-Seriesepson SCARA robots

  • Repeatabilities to +/- 5 Microns
  • 175 – 1000mm Reach
  • Payloads to 20Kg
  • Super Fast Cycle Times
  • High Rigidity Arm Design
  • Tabletop, Ceiling and Wall Mount
  • Clean/ESD and Wash Down Model

Epson SCARA Robots RS-Series+

  • Unique Full Rotation J2 Design for:epson SCARA robots
    • Full Envelope Access
    • Faster Cycle Times
    • Larger Pallet/Tray Usage
  • Repeatabilities to +/- 10 Microns
  • 350 and 550mm Arm Lengths
  • Clean/ESD Models Available

Epson SCARA Robots LS-Series

The idea behind the LS-Series was to for them to be the cost solution for the factories who were looking for the best “bang-for-there-buck”. Don’t let the fact that they are more cost-efficient scare you away, the Epson SCARA Robots LS-Series are packed with the same power as the rest!

For a complete description of these products, CLICK HERE!

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