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About Ingersoll-Rand Grinders

Ingersoll Rand provides automotive technicians and maintenance personnel with the muscle they need for tough grinding jobs. Cleaning surfaces, removing gaskets and general surface prep is no problem for our full line of straight and right angle grinders. And when you need industrial grade power, Ingersoll Rand has the tools for you. Our industrial grinder […]

Epson Robots to Demonstrate Innovative and Highly Efficient Robotics Solutions for the Factory Automation Industry at ATX East

MEDIA ALERT: NEW YORK, NY – June 13, 2017  Who Epson Robots will be showcasing unique, innovative, high precision robotics solutions designed for maximum efficiency and productivity for a wide variety of applications in factory automation at the Automation Technology show, ATX East. What The showcase will feature the new and revolutionary Flexion™ N2 6-Axis […]

We Offer Dyna-Lift® Ergonomic Lifting Technology

Ergonomic, height-adjustable workbenches are quickly becoming the standard in industry. And as more people demand height-adjustability, Dyna-Lift ® is the standard for delivering it. In addition to work tables, other common applications include hospital beds, assembly line fixtures, rehabilitation tables. Less conventional applications have included casket lifts, massage table lifts and lectern/podium lifts. We have developed […]

Real World Examples: Pneumatics

Pneumatic systems can be divided into two general categories: systems that are powered by a rotating rotor and systems that are powered by a reciprocating piston. Devices powered by a rotating rotor contain a housing compartment, vanes, and a central spindle. Air enters the housing and applies pressure to the vanes, which causes the spindle to […]

Robotic Technology Creates Cost-Effective Method to Study Missouri Crops

COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING, UNIVERSITY OF MISSOURI, MARCH 13, 2017 A two-pronged robotic system pioneered by University of Missouri researchers is changing the way scientists study crops and plant phenotyping. Gui DeSouza, associate professor of electrical engineering and computer science, and his Vision-Guided and Intelligent Robotics (ViGIR) Laboratory have partnered with researchers from the College of […]

About Epson SCARA Robots

For Pricing Details, Call Us at 763-571-4970 One of the many robots we sell is the Epson SCARA Robot. CLICK HERE to view all of the robots we sell.  Epson has their SCARA Robots in a G-Series, RS-Series, and a LS-Series. Epson SCARA Robots G-Series Repeatabilities to +/- 5 Microns 175 – 1000mm Reach Payloads […]

Epson is now hosting “Lunch with a Robot”

Epson will buy you lunch and show you how easy Epson Robots are to use. At EPSON Robots, we’ve made thousands of customers and integrators successful by delivering True PC Controllers that are Open, Easy, Powerful, and software from point-and-click applications to advanced code tools that are Intuitive by Design. Forgive us for making it […]

Who is Air Automation Engineering?

Air Automation Engineering was founded in 1978 and is recognized as a leading distributor in the  Greater Upper Midwest. We support our manufacturing customers with application support, repair, value added services & inventory from 2 locations in North Dakota & Minnesota. A.A.E. is dedicated to understanding and filling customers’ needs. Our team  of employees’ strive to develop trust by providing the […]